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Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek – Adult Heart Survivor

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Mt. Kilimanjaro is a tough challenge. NOT because we used ropes and crampons to climb. For the regular mountain climber, the altitude is the challenge. The walk and the rock scrambles are “normal” for a mountain climber. BUT

Remember that 8 months ago I was a hiker; a day hiker. I did not carry backpacks; did not sleep in tents on the ground; did not have any wish to become a mountain climber.

Congenital Heart patient survivors don’t plan on being healthier… but I found a really good reason to create a Limitless Lifestyle and with the wonderful support of my amazing husband who was and is a Mountain Climber, we made a family project to hike, backpack and summit the highest point in Africa on the largest volcano in the world below the equator in September 2015, when Don was turning 66 years old!

AND then, it became clear. This short video is the culmination of 8 months of hard work. Other MENDING 100 HEARTS blogs will tell the lessons; this pictorial shows you the challenges a USED TO BE non-athlete conquered joyfully, with focus. I used all the RESOURCES, TRAINING and FOCUS to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro in 8 strenuous days. And I’m thrilled that we completed!

I thank God for guidance, strength and vision.

Not to affect Tanzania’s needs for tourism, keep in mind that it is true that 8 or 9 trekkers per year die on the mountain from 30,000 attempts. A few of these make the headlines and unfortunately, that is what people remember. Heart attacks and Acute Mountain Sickness are the main reasons. But it is also true that if 40% (12,000) make it to the summit then a whopping 60% (18,000) trekkers, every year, have turned themselves around or been told to turn around and walk off the mountain with everything from knowing they did the very best they could, to crushing disappointment, or perhaps a steeled resolve to return and conquer.

Thank G-d we met the sunrise on the Rooftop of AFRICA!

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Debra O
Debra O
Aug 30, 2021

Thanks for sharingg this

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