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Masai Boys Dance

Following our hiking adventures up to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, we visited the tribal community known as “boma” of the Masai culture. This was not a medical mission.

African Environments builds safari tent camps in conservancy areas of Tanzania in cooperation with the Masai. We were fortunate to meet the current chief’s son currently on vacation. His older brother is in the USA studying medicine. His friends have never left the Boma area. In fact most of his friends are brothers or cousins as his father has 8 wives.

The Boma chief (who is elected by  the elders) sends his son to school and he is forced to remove his large earlobe earrings while school is in session. The son must wear a western uniform and study subjects normal for secondary school. Then he returns to the “Boma” and lives with his extended family.

We were treated to a “coming of Age” ceremony and dances by the Masai teenage boys with girls ages 7- 11 years chanting the music.


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