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Mending Kids gives critical care life-saving surgical care

while advancing education ​and training towards medical sufficiency in their communities. ​


For over 10 years children have been "mended" in over 54 countries, including the United States.



Friend from Liberia



MENDING 1000 HEARTS V2-2.jpg

Positive Living Inspiration and The Brave Heart Shift teams are working to
"Mend" 1000 hearts for children born with congenital heart defects in developing countries.


In 2009 Naomi first visited Mending Kids and after 40 years of avoiding doctors, hospitals and other heart patients, was moved by compassion and the life of little Maria Jose from Ecuador who had come for scoliosis repair but with her congenital heart heart defect needed priority surgery. 

Today Naomi climbs mountains to raise awareness that

1 in 100 children are born with heart defects.

At 61 years young, Naomi began climbing mountains to raise money for her favorite charity, Mending Kids.  In 2016 she reached Uhuru Peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro and was thrilled with her accomplishment. 

Since then, Naomi has climbed 61 mountains and raised funds over $36,000 for heart surgery patients.


Donate now to help Naomi reach her goal of Mending 1000 Hearts!

The Brave Heart Shift donates the first 25% of speaking fees to save the lives of children born with congenital heart defects in developing countries for Mending 1000 Hearts with donations to Mending

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