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Naomi Carmona-Morshead, with a powerful message "Rally Your Resilience"  is an International Business Woman, Speaker, Leader, and Philanthropist. She interacts with the audience through outstanding communication with experiential learning so that each participant comes away with fresh self-confidence and the desire to succeed.

Comparing mountain climbing to business challenges and ordinary life opportunities, she tells her extraordinary transformation at age 61 from heart patient non-athlete to Adventure Mountain Climber. Reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, she jumped  1 foot higher than the other hikers reaching  19,342'  on the "Rooftop of Africa."  Check out the Gallery.


Mid-life Professionals, students and children are empowered to speak up from their own brave heart. They will smile, laugh, and shout while participating in experiential exercises and activities.


Audiences are inspired by Naomi to Pay It Forward around the globe and use small shifts from a Brave Heart wherever they live.

Throughout my life I’ve learned to communicate new ways of thinking and expressing so that each and every person is heard and finds freedom of self-expression not matter what their background is. I also teach a Family Training called This game based experiential learning is all about being safe to express your thoughts and feelings in a judgment free space

Today Naomi Carmona-Morshead is married to Dr. Don Morshead and together they desire to provide life-saving surgery to congenital heart patients in third world countries. Through their volunteer work with Mending Kids International there are many opportunities to serve in more than 54 countries.

For 20 years, Naomi raised three incredibly strong and powerful woman while managing her own international company with her late husband, Dr. Israel Carmona. Today she is a step-mom to four more families including seven grandkids.

In 1959, from a young age Naomi has been performing, speaking, singing and accompanying various singing and children’s performing groups on stages of the world from Russia to Europe to Israel, Ethiopia, Mexico and across the United States.

As an educator and international speaker she has the unique ability to encourage world thinkers and leaders. Her experience includes eight years working with high school students in leadership, 4 years teaching home school Bible classes and numerous other leadership activities with her family and community.

While married to Dr. Israel Carmona they created travel dreams for over 10,000 pilgrims to Israel and Western Europe for 25+ years owning their tour wholesale company. Even the death of her husband of 20+ years (1999) has not stopped Naomi from helping others succeed.

Her international travel includes 28 countries, 49 States and working with multiple cultures. The next overseas trip planned is to hike the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa followed by snow-capped glacier volcanoes in Ecuador and Mexico.

Naomi glows with youthful passion. She is determined to be the healthiest traveling congenital heart patient EVER!

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