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Calling 10 Superheroes

(everyday, extraordinary people who enjoy a challenge) 

to save $1 a day for 100 days.


Walking into Children's Hospital ICU in 2010, I found myself reliving my open heart surgery 56 years earlier. As I watched this beautiful 10-year-old recover,  my life changed forever.


Research shows that the Number One Childhood defect in the world today is a Congenital Heart Defect.


ONE in every 100 children born today will have a heart defect.  Challenge your team to collectively contribute $1,000 to Mending Kids in Support of a life-saving surgery for a family who needs your help.

To date, Naomi Carmona-Morshead has spearheaded fundraising for more than 146 children with the goal of saving 1,000 hearts in her lifetime.


Each Super Hero Team collectively raises $1,000 to provide heart surgery for a child overseas who is desperate.






Save one

Child's Life

in 100 Days

Get Your Team Together Now!

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To donate now

Team Captain:

Once you have registered your team, please print or forward this PDF document to all the members on your team for tracking purposes.


Mending Kids


Mending Kids coordinates pediatric cardiology teams providing heart surgery in developing countries for families who have no financial means to save their child's life.


The surgical teams train the local medical doctors and nurses during the mission trip to perform heart surgeries. Through educational agreements, your gifts are also enabling those countries to improve their  health services. 



Thank you for joining in this SuperHero opportunity to make a huge difference!


For more information regarding Mending Kids go to:

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