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Things to know about turtles.

TURTLES have a hard shell that protects

them from danger.

TURTLES can stick their heads out and

look around; they have a choice to

communicate or wait and stay safe inside.

TURTLES have a soft tummy which is

tender to the touch, just like your heart.

TURTLES move slowly and always get

where they are going, no matter how

long it takes.

TURTLES consistently return to their

birthplace home to lay eggs or begin

a new family.

TURTLES know where they get

support in their natural environment.

TURTLES establish habits that are

good for their future.

TURTLES each have unique patterns

on their shell. They may be similar

colors but NO two are exactly alike.

TURTLES swim slowly with power.

We have a lot in common with TURTLES.

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