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THBS/Pike’s Peak

...Have you ever seen a colleague perform a new surgical procedure or technique and you weren't sure you were ready. Time paced... And then the opportunity came and you aced it?

That happened to me in Colorado September 20, 2016. I had watched my husband and cousin successfully summit Pike's Peak. It is 7,300 feet elevation difference ending at 14,115.' Brisk hikers climb in 8 hours; Don hiked in 8.75 hours; Peter in 9.75 and ME, repaired heart and all in 10 hours. Exhausting, exhilarating success!

I was fascinated watching this Bangladesh 26 year old mom take care of her 8 year old daughter; her attention to the details (can't play with sand- one grain of sand in her eye before surgery will cause infection and cancel the surgery), cajoling, begging, pleading for child with absolutely ZERO fat to eat and get healthier before surgery. THEN after the same challenges but now liquids only for 5 weeks. For a child who only knows rice, potatoes, tomatoes, hot spices and hard boiled eggs, NO American food was comfort food for her. We played and sang songs to distract her and challenge her simply to get protein in that little body. THE DISTRACTION was realizing 85-95% of the world lives like this. My soul was burdened once again. I am energized to continue helping whenever possible; reaching beyond my comfort zone and showing Don what's it like to be extremely poor and yet adapt to the amazing wealth of the western world. Don is such a great man with kids; they simply run into his arms. I'm so honored to give in this way.

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