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Powerful Obstacle Overcomer

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Asking Powerful Questions is the secret to becoming an Obstacle Overcomer

Reaching the Summit of any mountain is the goal of mountain climbers. However there are

three things that can keep you from reaching the highest point:

They are

a)Weather on the mountain

b)Avalanche Conditions on the mountain

c) Your body’s abilities to complete the challenge

Weather conditions may mean fog, rain, snow, ice or sun and more. Even though you have

great equipment and gear, the combination on any one day can be deadly. Most accidental

death on mountains is on the descent when one is tired and may ignore the signals, forget

the trail dangers, not remember down is harder than up.

Avalanche conditions are always serious but mostly known to occur at 18,500 feet elevation and higher.

What is your automatic response when things are out of control? On the mountain it can be weather, non-working equipment, and unexpected obstacles on the trail?

How can someone return to power when they are unable to see the other side of the mountain

Who do you become when you are paralyzed and can’t take a step up or down on the mountain

of life? What do you feel when you can’t see an option? Imagine if you had a powerful response to your dilemma?

What if you could create a statement to combat any subconscious thoughts and restate the possible?

"I am becoming the person who...."

Imagine how you would feel if you consistently said that statement every morning and evening for 7 days!


Because she is committed to mercy, justice, and protection, She chose, "I am becoming the person who is comfortable with being vulnerable so that I can be seen for who I really am."

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