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May 2016

Unfortunately I have to give you some not good news.

We were ROBBED May 27 at 3pm in San Francisco. The latest crime is called SMASH and DASH. The thieves use a spark plug to crack your car's window. CAUTION: RENTAL cars are the target! They steal what is visible and may be valuable. In our case it was Don's well-travelled backpack with personal items. PRICELESS loss is my computer and hard drives- I was working on a research project and had packaged 30 years of info in one bag.


1. Carry your valuable with you even into a Safeway to buy food.

2. Park in the store parking lot under lights where there is lots of activity.

3. Don't drive a car that screams "I am a rental."

4. Don't put all your valuables in one bag unless you carry it on your person.

PRAY. Please believe we can retrieve the hard drives and computer. The work on my desktop was my future. It included the Braveheart shift the Brave Heart Family Workshop; all of the calls from our DYD and personal talks over the last two years, all the coaching because I had you on my desktop. It is possible I can retrieve some of the emails but once I saved the phone recording, I deleted those emails. I'm returning back to Los Angeles tomorrow and will purchase a new computer and start my life over. Yep; devastating. In fact pretty depressing after all the work I've done with Brave Heart Shift was on my desktop. (Hiking for 15 months and my Soroptimist work.) Plus all 3 hard drives in the last 20 years. My computer has a password but the hard drives didn't. Perfect yes perfectly backed up. But for the first time ever I had all my hard drives with me in the same bag as I

was researching pictures for the Junior High Assembly presentation. I thought I'd let you know in case I send a desperate message at some point. There are hundreds of lessons to learn here about being brave. I wish I didn't have to learn them all at once. I know you're having your Mastermind Retreat this coming up week; have an awesome time!

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