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Leave the Darkness Behind; Walk into the Light!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

When I had this vision in June 2015, I expected to hear from G-d but didn’t know how powerful G-d’s message would be.

Steve Schultz, Publisher of the Elijah’s List recently wrote:

Over the past years, many words and even some books have come out about God shifting the "mountains of society" toward His Kingdom purposes. Yes, God has called His Body into ALL spheres of influence throughout the earth. There are some powerful words from the Lord in this latest article by Katie Barker of Australia in which she shares:

"The power and flow of My Spirit is going to break open and break through

the 'mountains' of society. One mountain after another will be impacted and

changed by My Spirit. I am changing the cultural mountains, and impact of

this change will be evident in the world. I am invading the top of the

mountains, as from the top, influence and change will flow down."

This word should really excite and encourage the masses as we're called to influence the mountains of society. Find your place and get ready to impact the cultural mountain where God has placed you!

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