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Jan 1, 2016

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

2 years ago I was a day hiker and today I climb mountains.

Don and I are Celebrating 2017 as we attempt to summit Cucamonga Peak at 8,859' (near Mt Baldy, CA) after a snow storm testing crampons, ice boots and our perseverance.

For six months I've worked to break some personal records.

1. 505 miles hiking (vs. 400 in 12 mos.)

2. 93 workouts at Results Fitness Gym (vs. 100 in 2015). Only workouts at the gym facility count. (#90-91-82-93/100)

3. 6 hikes starting at 4.000' elevation and climbing highest Pikes Peak 14,114' totaling 116.50 miles

4. Best hike; greatest accomplishment was 7300' elevation gain in one day on Pike's Peak!

5. Most Scenic Hike: Grand Canyon, AZ starting Hermit Trail to Tonto to Bright Angel ascent - 4 days backpacking with Just Roughin' It

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