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September 19, 2015 Mweka Camp, Tanzania

Message to the entire expedition staff on MM7 Lemosho Route September 12-19

Good Morning. How many of you are members of the Chagga or Maasai tribe?

Thank you. Thank you for preserving the mountain for us. (clapping)

And thank you to all of you who show the mountain to us in nature, no commercials. (clapping) How many of you have children? How many of you know children?

What would happen if your baby was so sick and you could not help them?

How would you feel? (lots of response)

My name is Naomi Always-Young. I am strong. (clapping). But it was not always like that. When I was a baby, I could not breathe. My parents had HOPE. My parents had LOVE. But they could not MEND my heart.When I was 10 years old, somebody in the United States paid money to open my heart and repair it. TODAY in Tanzania, there are 500 children like I was. Most parents have HOPE. Most parents have LOVE. But most parents cannot MEND their children’s bodies. I’m here today to offer you and all children until the age of 18 in Tanzania surgery to mend those children’s hearts. Please ask Baba Amanda (Father of Amanda- Ben standing next to me) to find me so I can help you. (clapping)

In June we fixed 10 kids. We repaired their hearts so they saved their lives. They are not going to die. (clapping). On October 11 in Dar el Salaam, we bring more doctors to repair 20 children. (clapping). You have to be on the list. But not everybody has the money to go to India. Italians are coming here with Americans through Mending Kids.

I give you my heart (clapping).

Video is 5:28 minutes with Kiswahili translation.

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