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Healthy Holiday Tips for Home

Keep yourself on track while your home is looking festive:

1: Don't skip meals! Your body needs nutrition.

2: "Out of sight, out of mind!" Bring out the goodies for your REAL guests. Keep your healthy snacks and supplements in a festive dish.

3: Choose a Food Regimen. I.E: Choose two shakes a day and one healthy, balanced meal. No snacking. Follow your doctor’s advice.

4. Grab and Go healthy food you prepared in advance for shopping and wrapping packages.

5: Cheat one meal each week. Enjoy yourself on all significant holidays keep it healthy during the week.

6: Reduce cravings by avoiding candles that smell like food.

7: Stay active. Commit to a minimum of 3x30 minutes a week of movement to keep your energy levels up!

8: Lifestyle consistency helps you maintain the mood, stamina, and energy you need to enjoy this festive season.

Naomi Carmona-Morshead

951) -314-2248

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