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"Dyslexia in Abu Dhabi"

The symbols for the bathrooms were nearly the same for both sexes in Abu Dhabi. BUT I misread the pictures of sticks and blobs. On entering the bathroom my attention immediately was drawn to the beautiful paintings. After all, palm trees are famous in the desert, no? I used the stall. After washing my hands I saw the pots; "Wow" I thought "I've heard of GoGirl camping but I didn't know women in this country stood up to do it. I took a brief rest on the beautiful coach. Then I met the well-dressed Chinese gentleman. As I exited the facility he held open the door for me and asked "Are you looking for the ladies room?" I answered "Yes, which way please? He then pointed across the small entry to the door with the sign of a stick with a long blob on the bottom. My Dyslexia was cleared up; I had just used the Men's Room. Have you ever mistaken a sign and gone the wrong way? Did it cause you anxiety? Were you able to recover and forgive yourself?

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