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Champion Anniversary

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

I had been a faithful early morning outdoor Boot Camp member for 5 years followed by Yoga & strength training classes. In 2014 Frontier Trainings, San Diego, CA offered a course called 'Circle of Champions' which studies the habits of professional sports personalities who also were successful businessmen that had overcome tremendous obstacles to reach world renown notoriety in the pinnacle of their careers. This training stimulated my Brave Mindset to step out of the box forever. I chose the gymnastic exercise. At age 58. I attempted handstands in a competitive physical environment even though I had never participated in individual or group sports since my open heart surgery in 1964. My mindset was activated which set my physical body in motion. The emotional elation increased with the daily tracking of my continuous forward progress. My first handstand was 33 seconds and increased to the staggering 6th handstand of 1.31 minutes. On a spiritual level I had become my own Champion.

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