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Bedrooms are for Sleeping

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Our national pastime is NOT enough rest; not enough down time.

What if you DECIDED or SHIFTED your thoughts towards sleeping by improving your bed time bedroom habits?

Clue: Sleep is restorative and helps your body give you consistent energy for the waking time.

Challenge yourself for 30 days:

1.Go to bed at the same each night. 10p-12a is best.

2.Wake up at the same time each morning. 7-8 hours later

3.Routines signal reduced brain activity for relaxation.

4.Eliminate brain stimulating activities like TV, computers, Facebook or Twitter, phone conversations.

5.Allow light conversation and some fiction reading.

6.Keep the lights low or blacked out.

Results: Humans respond best to routine. Whether it is sleep, diet or learning, we naturally gravitate towards routine when seeking high productivity and stability and security in our lives.

Happy Dreams!

From Naomi Carmona-Morshead,

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