The Grand Canyon, Arizona USA

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Big Pine North Ridge Lake 2
Fantasy Ridge Park City UT
Stella Point Mt Kilimanjaro
Summit climb: Mt Kili Crate to Crest
Lake Ediza river crossing
Mammoth Mtns California
Farewell to Tanzania
Backpack for Day Hiking
Potato Chip Rock San Diego CA
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Why do I hike?

In 2014 my husband was challenged by Pastor Brandon to claim his mountain. Don decided to climb higher altitudes and came home a renewed man. I asked him to show me what hiking 9 hours, 9,000 feet elevation and maximum 9 miles for my 60th birthday. We hiked to Shadow Lake near Mammoth, CA. I became his biggest cheerleader. Two months later when he summitted Pike's Peak in Colorado, he declared his next goal of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa. That was the beginning of my adventure "8 Mountains in 8 Months."

Today I climb as often as I can to keep in physical shape, mental sharpness and spiritual freedom. 

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Mammoth Mtns California